Vulnerability Mgmt / Server Patching


Critical vulnerabilities can emerge at any time, in any part of an organization’s IT infrastructure, and present a clear and present danger to the organization unless immediate action is taken.

The Vulnerability Management service offered by PJFI Security Labs is designed specifically for businesses who recognize the need for a proactive strategy in maintaining a strong cyber security posture.

The service provides clients with a full suite of cutting-edge vulnerability scanning tools and reporting capabilities for the purposes of constant protection against emerging threats and full documentation for regulatory compliance.


Full confidence that IT infrastructure is protected against the latest vulnerabilities

  • Robust and audit-ready documentation of your organization’s security compliance
  • No-hassle remediation help from on-call expert cyber security analysts


The Vulnerability Management service offered by PJFI Security Labs includes both internal and external scans of your organization’s IT assets. These are carried out using both proprietary and best-practices cyber security tools, which use sophisticated methods like application fingerprinting, protocol-based analysis, and up-to-date databases of the latest vulnerabilities to assess the state of your infrastructure and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Scans can be performed automatically on regular schedules, on-demand, or any combination thereof, according to the client’s preference. Similarly, the resulting progress reports and compliance documentation can be generated automatically or on on-demand in the proper format for meeting any industry-standard regularity requirements (HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, SB1386, SOX, and more).

The Vulnerability Management service utilizes one PJFI Security Labs’ all-in-one security appliances for performing internal scans of the client’s networks. These servers are hardened against tampering, come equipped with cutting-edge cybersecurity defenses, and provide a consolidated central platform for the full range of managed security services provided by PJFI Security Labs.

This service is included as part of the Cyber Threat Mitigation service, our all-in-one managed cybersecurity solution, allowing intelligence data from the vulnerability scans to be correlated against other sets of security data and utilized in maintaining a holistic cybersecurity platform