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Who we are, and how we got here

Who we are, and how we got here

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About us: PleaseJustFixIt.com “PJFI” was established in 2002 in Orange County, California. The company then moved headquarters to Seattle WA in fall of 2006 and since then began servicing thousands of home and business based clients through multiple channels.

We launched the Staffing division after our clients began trying to steal all of our staff. We take pride in everything we touch so your solution will not be a cookie cutter style package like the rest, It will be a solution you build, that meets your needs.

PJFI strives to make technology simple, manageable, and affordable by offering a complete computing solution for a flat fee and a 100% money back guarantee!, Offering remote support 24/7 Nationwide to everyone from small and medium sized businesses to your average home computer users.

We manage your technology so you can manage your life. We help you turn technology into a competitive advantage by providing enterprise level services for an affordable fee.

Instead of working with multiple vendors to evaluate, acquire, deploy, and support technology, you have one reliable company to help with all aspects of your computing infrastructure. PJFI creates a centralized and standardized environment for your business, enabling you to realize economies of scale, and helping your business remain competitive in your market..

We support Windows, Mac, and all major software brands. Our specialties are Malware and Virus Removal, VPN / connectivity issues, Hard Drive / Data recovery, Boot Up problems, and your everyday slow computer. “We have seen it all and if we cannot fix it there is no charge”

About Us:
PJFI was founded by in 2002 with a vision and passion to make technology simple, manageable, and affordable for the world, there is no need to do a diagnostic fee if you know what you are doing. Over the past 20 years, We have helped start and grow numerous enterprise companies. Prior to starting PleaseJustFixIt.com in 2002, the group has been in the IT industry helping launch and establish large infrastructures for numerous other enterprise companies. our goals are directing, and executing PJFI’s strategies and goals of providing a world class IT solutions never before offered for a flat rate fee.

Most of PJFI clientele is in the Small business and home user category. However, we continue to gain enterprise clients every day.

PJFI service launched in 2002 is currently supporting over 10,000 + home and business users nationwide, specializing in data recovery, backup solutions and basic / advanced home networking / virus / malware removal. The service is offered at a flat rate with a money back guarantee and a yearly signup option is available for unlimited calls, as well as on demand service 24 x 7.

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