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Computer Repair $89.95

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Fast and easy setup and installation of your new computer or assistance with your current one.

Our Tech Experts will customize the settings of your computer based on your preferences. We include comprehensive support for PC components like software applications, printers, networking devices, scanners, and other peripheral devices.

We optimize your PC by removing junk files, cleaning up registry, and updating your software and operating system. Just give us the green light to remotely access your computer and our Technicians will get your PC going in no time. Begin by opening a ticket here. support@pleasejustfixit.com

Award winning tech support from PleaseJustFixIt.com includes:
  • Complete PC set-up and installation at one-flat-rate.
  • Help to set-up over 100 software applications.
  • Assistance for other PC peripherals, including printers, scanners, etc.
  • Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet or Phone.
  • Skilled technicians on any desktop or laptop make or model.

Virus and Spyware Removal

PleaseJustFixIt Virus and Spyware Removal Service “Our Most Common Call”

  • We detect and eliminates viruses, trojans, spyware Ransomware and other malware from your PC easily and quickly.
  • Available 24×7, And Guaranteed!, Contact us now! 

PC Tuneups

This service includes:

  • Optimizing your startup and shutdown.
  • Installing Windows updates.
  • Improve menu navigation.
  • Cleanup quick launch and taskbar.
  • Enable security functions including Antivirus, Firewall, and pop-up blocking software.
  • Removal of unwanted programs and trialware.
  • Diagnose performance problems and recommend the best options, All for a single fee of $89.95!.

Laptop Repair

PleaseJustFixIt offers quality repair on all makes and models of laptops

  • Be aware of the advertised flat rates from some of the other online competitors these rates usually do not include the cost of parts.
  • We give you the estimate including parts and labor.
  • If you need to physically send the laptop to us, contact us to arrange having a special box shipped directly to you.

Networking Support

Networking your home or business is easy when you call us.

  • Our technicians are industry certified professionals with advanced networking certifications under their belt.
  • We can help you setup your home or business wireless and wired networks, network printers, network and storage devices
  • Or even VPN access to your business quickly and efficiently.  Below is just some of the support we offer:
  • Wireless Networks, Ethernet Installation, Routers & Switches, Wireless Printers, VPN Troubleshooting, Cross Platform Networking, File and Printer Sharing
  • Internet Service Provider Support. (Comcast, Verizon, Cox, etc.).

Windows Support

You will find some outstanding features in the new Windows 7. However we still support all versions of Windows. Its stable, smoother and highly polished interface introduces newer graphics feature that is worth upgrading your operating system now! There are many computer help providers who can assist you with Windows 7 support but we are the best 🙂

Mac Support

PleaseJustFixIt has a specialized Mac technical support division to provide you with the highest quality of technical support for Mac.

  • Whether you need Mac technical support online in the middle of the night or simply require Mac mail technical support from the comfort of your own home.
  • We have the solution for you!. If you need assistance with a new iPod, iPhone or any other type of hardware installation and user help we are the ones to call
  • Fill out the form to be connected instantly!

Printer Support

Our Expert Technicians will diagnose and repair your printer problems

  • From installing correct software to customizing it to meet your requirements.
  • We will assist in making your printer to a network printer and sharing access across your home or office.
  • Our technicians will ensure you have the latest drivers.
  • We can also make sure that your Printer is in good working condition.

Email Support

We can make sure that your email applications run smoothly and securely.

  • We can help you route and consolidate emails from multiple accounts.
  • Additionally, we can help you personalize your email application so that you have your own signature, create mailing lists, or set up automatic notices.
  • Outlook Express Tech support.

Internet Support

PleaseJustFixIt helps you save time and money by solving your internet support requests online.

  • Our Browser support services cover all standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, safari, Opera etc..
  • We can Troubleshoot your browser to improve speed, stop it from crashing or not showing images.
  • Improve browser security, remove virus and spyware, Block banner, popup, fly-in, Flash, and/or ActiveX ads, Help you customize portals such as MSN and AOL.
  • Facebook Assistance, Resetting passwords, Setting up new accounts, Sharing pictures, or just overall how-to assistance!