Server and Web Presence Detection


Servers are the heart of any organization’s technological infrastructure, housing the most critical data in an entire organization. Recognizing that no single line of defense can ever sufficient, many forward-thinking businesses chose to provide the most important servers and endpoints with additional protections, such as Host IDS and File Integrity Monitoring.

The Server and Endpoint Protection service offered by our Security Labs is designed for organizations who cannot risk their most important servers and data to attacks and theft, and thus require an extra layer of security to safeguard their critical assets.

The service is comprised of both a Host-based IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and File-Integrity Monitoring, which together continually audit the state of the protected server in real time to ensure that the system has not been compromised.


  • Combined HIDS/File Monitoring acts as a sophisticated virtual tripwire around key assets
  • Protects against emergent or zero-day threats missed by traditional protections
  • Real-time response by cybersecurity experts in our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)


A lightweight, proprietary software agent is installed on the protected asset. The agent adapts itself to the host environment and uses a range of techniques for assessing the host system’s integrity, including monitoring core OS files, watching processes, and baselining normal user activity. Any unexpected or malicious event will generate alerts at the SOC, allowing both automatic and human defenses to react appropriately.

As with all of our managed security services, the Server and Endpoint Protection service utilizes a all-in-one security appliance. Endpoint agent sends security information directly to appliance, which aggregates, analyzes, and passes alerts directly to the SOC (Security Operations Center) for further analysis and incident response.
This service is included in the Cyber Threat Mitigation service, our all-in-one managed cybersecurity solution, and adds an unparalleled level of protection for critical systems.