How Our Staffing Works

How our staffing process works:

PJFI will dedicate elite resources as a part of an overall directive to source and procure the professional that reflects your company needs and overall values.


The power of honesty in business.

Our typical placement fee is reasonable and well-earned, and we’re happy to break down our freelance rates for you, explaining what it takes for us to make a dollar. Ask ANY another agency to do that for you. Our primary purpose is to attract and secure the best freelance and permanent creative talent in the world. By being up front and reasonable from the start, we can focus entirely on our jobs. Email us now

With the highest level of integrity, we will work with the client to accurately identify the ideal candidates to create a short list for your review.

Personal interviews with each candidate will follow where we will identify the candidate’s ability to communicate, to drive issues to closure and, at all times, maintain a high level of integrity.

At this stage, we will arrange for in-person or virtual interviews with the client.

Upon completion of this process, collectively we will have a comprehensive list of superior candidates to select from for a contract, contract-to-perm or permanent position at all levels.

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