Why Choose PleaseJustFixIt

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed!
  • We Fix it, or You Don’t Pay!
  • Repair Guaranteed at Only $89.95
  • 100% US Based Technicians
  • 206-588-6349 or Toll Free 1-877-210-3243

Fast Friendly PC Repair

No matter what your computer problem, our friendly US Technicians can help You resolve your Issue right now with no upfront diagnostic fees! and for a Flat Rate of $89.95!

We Fix It or You Don't Pay
All services are guaranteed for a total of 30 days from date of service. You don’t pay a dime if we can’t fix your computer problem! You have nothing to lose.
100% Safe and Secure
Our Remote Screen sharing is top of the line, with the highest encryption there is.
All of our software and services are 100% guaranteed.
US Technicians
Our US based tech support uses the internet to connect remotely to your machine!, No more taking it to the shop for repair, We use software to interact with your screen as if we were sitting right in front of it while you watch!.
About us:

PleaseJustFixIt.com PJFI was established in 2002 in Orange County, California. The company then moved to Seattle WA in fall of 2006. The company began servicing onsite clients through multiple channels, staffing numerous projects, rescuing several projects which were in jeopardy and supporting massive project implementations. We launched the Staffing division after our clients began approaching us to find them someone like our staff, We take pride in everything we touch so your solution will not be a cookie cutter style package like the rest, It will be a solution you build, that meets your needs.


PJFI strives to make technology totally affordable, manageable, and online at all costs by offering our computing solution with one point of payment, support, and accountability for all sizes of business.

We tame the technology so you can guide your business. As a growing company you need to steer the resources on staying competitive. We help you keep technology on the competitive edge by providing enterprise level services for an affordable monthly fee.

Instead of working with multiple vendors we provide a global solution so you can focus your time where it belongs, PJFI creates a standardized environment, enabling you to realize the potential your company has. While helping your business remain competitive in your market.

About Our Services:

PJFI was founded in 2002 with a vision and passion to make technology simple, manageable, and affordable for the world, we believe there is no need to do a diagnostic fee if you know what you are doing. Over the past 15 years, we have helped start and grow numerous companies. Our engineers and staff have been in the industry helping launch and establish large infrastructures for numerous enterprise companies. Our Executive staff and management are responsible for establishing, directing, and executing PJFI’s strategies and goals of providing a world class IT solutions never before offered for a flat rate fee.

Most of PJFI clientele is in the medium to enterprise size category.

PJFI service launched in 2002 is currently supporting over 25,000 home and business users nationwide, specializing in data recovery, along with next gen backup solutions and advanced home networking / virus / malware removal. The service we offer has a flat rate with a money back guarantee and monthly signup options are available, as well as on demand service 24×7.