PC Cleanup Tools

Computer problems? Let PleaseJustFixIT clean up your system!artwork-2

Remember when your computer was new? You didn’t have to worry about errors and crashes. PleaseJustFixIT can clean your system and hard drive and help you bring back that new computer feel.

With a single click, we will scan your entire system and find errors that need to be fixed, files that can be deleted, and hundreds of other hidden problems. Don’t believe it? Download our free trial* and see the difference for yourself.

Help Clean Your PC:

  • Clean system and drives
  • Faster PC performance
  • Shorter startup times
  • Fewer errors and crashes
  • End annoying slowness and freezes
  • Get rid of clutter you don’t need
  • One-click repairs and backups

Did we mention¬†the tools are….¬†free?…

We’re so confident that PleaseJustFixIT can help you that we encourage you to Download our free tools* and see for yourself. Just download, scan your system, and fix the issues, defragment your drive, and optimize your PC for free. If you like the results, let us know or pass on the word.

PleaseJustFixIT’s Free tools will scan and repair registry problems, clean your hard drive, optimize system settings, and clean out your entire computer.