Network Penetration Test


It’s 2015 and attacks are increasing faster than ever. Companies are now paying an unfortunate and expensive price for not being proactive. While you may think that your network is secure, trial by fire is the best way to be sure.

Penetration testing simulates a malicious attack on your network, identifying vulnerabilities in security architecture which attackers can use to compromise your environment.

For an external network penetration test, Rhino Security Labs mimics the attacks and access of an external attacker. With little or no access to internal information, this assessment targets perimeter systems and services using only the intelligence which can be gleaned from public sources, such as public records and social media.

Internal assessments are different in that they simulate the attacks from the inside, assuming an attacker has already compromised a workstation or other internal host. This is a very common situation, as phishing and other client-side attacks can allow attackers onto end-user systems and behind the firewall.